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Woolacombe Surfing Holidays Guide

Woolacombe has built a reputation for itself as one of the top spots for surfers in North Devon, thanks to its fantastic surf conditions. Which is saying something - as the whole region of North Devon has recently been named the UK's first World Surfing Reserve, reflecting the quality of the local beaches for surfing and putting in place strategies to protect these landscapes. With consistent swells, the gorgeous 3-mile long sandy Woolacombe beach sees surfers flock to catch a slice of what it has to offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or eager newbie, a surfing holiday is the perfect way to combine your love of surfing with a relaxing trip away. If you’re thinking about making your next trip a surfing holiday, use this Woolacombe surf guide to plan your stay.

Best surf spots in Woolacombe

When it comes to picking where you want to surf, Woolacombe and the surrounding North Devon coastline has great options.

  • Woolacombe Beach is by-far the most popular spot for surfing in North Devon, thanks to the ideal conditions it offers for surfers of all levels. Beginners can catch smaller waves closer to the shore, while experienced surfers can venture further out for bigger, more challenging breaks.
  • Travel just south of Woolacombe and you’ll find Putsborough Sands, another fantastic less crowded surf spot with a sandbar that creates long and peeling waves perfect for trying to improve your surfing skills.
  • A short drive from Woolacombe, Croyde Bay is known for its powerful waves, and a favourite spot for more experienced surfers. When you’re confident, head down and experience the spot well-loved by surfing locals.
Silhouette of people, playing and relaxing on the shore of sea at Woolacombe beach, coastal lifestyle scene. Holiday on a beautiful North Devon coast.
Surfing at Woolacombe Beach

Where to stay on your surfing holiday

Here at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, we offer the perfect accommodation for those looking to organise a surfing holiday. The Surf Village at Woolacombe Bay offers premium facilities and lots of space to enjoy an extra layer of luxury during your caravan stay. What’s more, when you pick to stay in a lodge with hot tub at Surf Village, you’ll enjoy complimentary surfboard and wetsuit hire so there’s no need to worry about finding somewhere in Woolacombe to hire all of your surfing gear.

Once you’ve finished surfing for the day, we offer a huge range of activities to keep you and your family entertained well into the evening. Wind down with adventure golf, take a dip in the heated indoor and outdoor pools or enjoy some evening entertainment.

family collecting surf boards and body boards at the Surf Village lodge surfing kit hire station at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park
Surf kit is included in all lodge holidays

Woolacombe Beach surf school and lessons

For those looking to get some more experience with a trained surf instructor, Woolacombe has tons of options for surf lessons. Woolacombe Surf Centre is run in the heart of Woolacombe and has options for every skill level.

Choose from a half day to week-long course or even book a one to one session to maximise the feedback and assistance you’ll receive. Getting a few lessons under your belt is a great way to get yourself out of the complete beginner stage.

legs and feet of a person standing on a yellow surf board on the beach in Woolacombe in the foreground and looking through their legs two children practicing standing up for surfing with an instructor
Surfing lessons on Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe surf report

When you’re ready to get down to the beach and surf some waves, make sure to check out the Woolacombe Bay surf report to check the conditions before heading out. 

This handy report will give you all of the information you need to know about the surf conditions, including offshore wind, tide levels and what thickness of wetsuit you should be wearing.

family of two parents and two children all wearing wet suits and holding body boards walking along the water edge at Woolacombe Bay beach assesing the surfing conditions
Best surfing is all down to preparation

Surf shops in Woolacombe

So you’ve decided that surfing’s for you? Once you’ve gained some experience and want to take things to the next level and buy yourself some equipment, Woolacombe has a few different surf shops to choose from.

Shore 2 Surf is in the centre of Woolacombe and sells everything you need to get your surfing gear started. Shop surfboards, wetsuits, accessories and much more. Pop by and the friendly staff will help you figure out the right kit for you.

Book your North Devon surfing holiday

Book a stay at one of our three Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks for a relaxing getaway within easy reach of the beach. We have lots more ideas on how to entertain the kids on your holiday as well as surfing. Catch the waves with friends and family in between enjoying the onsite entertainment, family activities and comfortable accommodation.

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