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5 Super cool camping ideas

Some of the most unusual tents and camps in the world. This is crazy camping for those with a wicked sense of humour or are feeling really adventurous. With plans for your next camping holiday in Devon just around the corner, will any of these inspire you to get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors?

1. Let's get fruity

This tent really does look good enough to eat… feel healthy on holiday (even if you’re living off a diet of barbecued bangers and cool beers). It’s part of a range of unique and exciting tents that camping specialist Field Candy have on offer. Which one best suits your personality? I find the Glastocows tent particularly a-moo-sing!

Tent in the form of a watermelon
Watermelon tent

2. Close to nature

Want to feel like you’re in the great outdoors without necessarily roughing it? This amazing blow up bubble tent will keep you warm and dry, but it might get a bit hot in there when the sun’s shining.

Plastic dome clear bubble tent
Bubble tent

3. Vintage style

Love camping, love the retro look of the classic VW Westfalia Camper but don’t have a van load of cash to spend? This officially licensed, lifesize tent is an impressive 13ft long, 5ft wide and 6ft high (enough to stand up inside) and sleeps up to four people in two individually zip-separated rooms. At £299 from Truffle Shuffle and available in choice of colours including Flower Power, it’s almost as hip as the real thing you’ll see all over the West Country roads in Summer.

Tent in the style of a Volkswagen camper van
VW Westfalia Camper tent

4. Hanging about

If you’re worried about your groundsheet getting wet if the Summer weather does take a turn for the worse, then hanging your tent from a tree is one way to avoid any unexpected floods. Although perhaps an easier, and more down to earth way, is to choose an all-weather camping pitch where the water drains away.

Camping tent hanging from a tree
Hanging tent

5. Going to extremes

If you ever find yourself half way up a mountain as the sun starts to set, then this could be your only option. Although carrying a double bed up Everest is probably what slowed you down in the first place.

Mattress secured to the wall of a mountain, Everest or other tall peak
Mountainside camping

Are you more of a traditional camper?

If all this looks a bit too extreme then your regular tent is not going to look our of place on our North Devon Holiday Parks!

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