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Guide: How to have a cheap holiday in Devon

A good holiday does not have to be expensive, and there are plenty of areas in the South West of the UK that you can enjoy if you are looking for a domestic stay. Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks offers some of the best holiday parks in Devon, but there are plenty of places in Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Dorset and Hampshire that are great for affordable stays.

Here we have created a guide for having a cheap holiday in Devon and the South West of the UK, we provide tips on how to find cheap holidays and how to make your stay feel like a 5-star experience!

1. Pick the right date for the cheapest holiday

If you are looking for an inexpensive holiday, make sure you take a look at the dates available and work out what you can make. Going in school holiday periods will bump up the price in a similar way to holidays around the weekend. If you can make term time midweek breaks depending on your work commitments, then this is a great way to find a cheap holiday in a great location.

September and October time is perfect for booking getaways after you have gotten over the busyness of the Summer, and there are some great deals to be had no matter if you are looking for cheap Devon holidays or places further down the coast. Here you can read more about why we love a Spring or Autumn holiday.

Cheap beach holidays in Devon Cornwall Somerset Dorset
Beaches are less crowded in term time

Another thing to look at is the day of the week you start your holiday, whilst you may be limited to the traditional Saturday to Saturday holiday you might find that arriving a day earlier on a Friday or a couple of days later on a Monday makes you big savings on the exact same holiday.

2. Be willing to book last minute

Booking last minute is a popular tactic you could use to try and keep the costs down but it does require a degree of flexibility. Not all families and individuals will be able to book last minute getaways, but if you have some days off and flexibility in your schedule you can find some really good deals.

Equally booking early means you can pay a small deposit which lets you lock in your holiday preferences and makes you a saving, then spread the cost by paying it off in instalments so you have plenty of time to save up the money. As well as getting the holiday you want, it's also easier to put in holiday requests at work so it means you can get ahead of your colleagues and gives you the most flexibility to secure the lowest price holidays. And after all, getting excited and saving up for a holiday means you don't spend it on stuff you don't need!

Couple running on surfing beach in South West England
Make the most of good weather if you're flexible

3. Cook for yourself where possible

If you are staying in self-catered accommodation then cooking for yourself is a great way to save money, particularly given the rising cost of food in the UK that many are currently experiencing so opting to go for self-catering is a great way to keep your holiday within budget. Whilst you should be up for treating yourself when on holiday, doing a bit of free sightseeing and having some meals in will help reduce costs and give you more spending power in other areas of the break. By planning your meals beforehand and taking a supermarket trip en route, you’ll avoid having to go out for meals everyday which can easily add hundreds of pounds to a family holiday.

If you fancy a treat, decide on one evening that you’ll go out and sample one of the local restaurants in Woolacombe, you’ll find most pub menus and pricing online so you can properly plan and avoid any unexpected costs.

Take a look at our range of self-catering caravans and holiday lodges at the three seaside Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks.

Family in caravan kitchen with dishwasher and breakfast bar
Self-catering is a flexible and easy way to manage your budget

4. Take part in free activities

Taking part in free activities is one of the best ways to save money and have a cheap holiday in the UK. Beaches provide a great place for ball sports, lounging and swimming if the weather is right. There are also a lot of free museums within the UK that you can visit if you fancy experiencing a bit of culture without having to pay for it!

If you have kids, adventure playgrounds and parks are perfect for a day out and combining this with a homemade picnic feast will really help you keep costs down. Take a look at our list of the best free things to do in Devon for more inspiration.

Young family playingon West Country beach on Atlantic Ocean coast by Devon and Cornwall
Beaches provide hours of free fun

5. Book directly with the holiday provider

Booking directly with a holiday provider is a good way to save money, you should always check on comparison sites and direct providers to work out which is the best price. Often booking sites will add fees that can increase the costs on the buyer end which is not great if you are looking for a cheap getaway! A stay in one of our campsites in Devon through our booking engine would give you a great price for example!

Plenty of places will have last minute deals or other special offers for specific dates throughout the year. At Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, we also regularly send out deals via our email newsletter so signing up and keeping a regular eye on your inbox could also help you grab a cheap holiday.

Family booking a cheap Devon holiday park deal online
Best deals are usually online

6. Set a daily budget

Setting a daily budget may not be one of the most fun things to do on holiday, however it can help you plan out your trips, food and travel costs. Setting this budget beforehand will help you keep within what you are willing to spend on the holiday.

Bush craft survival activities on holiday park in Devon and South West England
Look out for low cost activities that are fun and last a while

7. Save on travel costs

Not only is the UK a great place to enjoy a budget family holiday, but choosing to stay local instead of catching a flight abroad will significantly lower your travel costs. Flights can be extortionately priced and along with this comes taxi trips to the airport or airport parking which can again quickly take you over budget. Staying in the UK will avoid these charges and mean you can travel by your preferred method of transport. If you like public transport, looking at coaches or even group bookings for trains can sometimes save you money.

Family checking in to their holiday caravan in Devon
Bring all you need - no luggage limits or charges

How to save money on a holiday with the kids

Family holidays can be expensive; particularly when you are limited to getaways during the busiest times of the year in the school holidays. To save money on a holiday with younger children, look for accommodation set up with families in mind that offers activities or events for the kids to enjoy as part of the cost. When you book with Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, you’re not just paying for your accommodation, you’re also gaining access to plenty of free activities for kids, of which you can use across all 3 of our Devon holiday parks, this includes all the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, adventure golf, fishing, soft play and plenty more. In fact, there's so many free activities included in our holiday park packages, you could go your whole stay with us without splashing any extra cash on kids' activities.

Better value than a budget hotel and easy access to family-friendly activities you can read more about why are holiday parks the best.

Crazy golf course at Woolacombe Bay holiday park in Devon
Adventure golf course at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park

As shown there are lots of ways that you can find cheaper holidays in the UK than abroad with lots of tips that can save you money here and there. If you want to find out more about the affordable holidays offered by Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, why not check out our special offers section.

Great value holidays every time

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