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The best beach activities at Woolacombe Bay

The highlight of summer for many is usually the beach holiday. It is what we all remember from our childhood, so it is important that you and your children can enjoy and create great memories too!

If you are staying at Woolacombe Bay holiday accommodation, fun is all around you at all times, and the options are almost endless. In the sea, on the beach, or even in the air: there is something to do for you, your partner, your kids, or for you as a family.

Today, we share our list of Woolacombe Bay activities you can enjoy when you are on holiday in North Devon. So cross your fingers for fantastic weather, prepare your sunscreen, grab your best flip-flops and sunglasses, wear your favourite swim gear, and continue reading to learn what Woolacombe has to offer.

Enjoying picnics on Woolacombe Beach

Let’s start with the simple pleasures! If it doesn’t take you long to walk from your accommodation to the beach, why don’t you choose a day to enjoy your breakfast surf side? If you do it before 11am, you’ll also get to soak in the sun when it’s not as strong (try to stay in the shade between 11am and 3pm in the UK).

Family enjoying a picnic at sunset on Woolacombe Bay beach
West facing Woolacombe Beach is perfect for sunset picnics

Relaxing & sunbathing on Grunta Beach

A good holiday is not complete without a little relaxation. It's not all about running everywhere or being thrown from one side to side by the waves. Woolacombe's beaches are the perfect place to relax. Even though you can sunbathe on the sands of any beach in Woolacombe, a perfect beach to do this is Grunta, which is more hidden than the popular beaches, thus becoming a hidden gem.

Feeling energetic? Try some beach sports!

Playing volleyball

Are you the one who craves movement and exercise every day and can’t stand sitting around and sunbathing all the time? Bring a volleyball and find a partner to play it with. A great way of getting a bit of cardio in. Alternatively, some football will work, too - just try to avoid hitting others with the ball.

Family playing football on sandy Woolacombe Beach in Devon
Miles of sandy beach makes it ideal for a family football game

Hang gliding and paragliding

Want an adrenaline rush? When we say you'll be on the clouds while you are on your Woolacombe holiday, we truly mean it. Fly Like a Bird team offers tandem hang gliding and paragliding flights in North Devon so with their help you can see the beach as you've never seen it before. It's a way to take your North Devon holiday to a whole new level - up into the sky.

Hang glider over Woolacombe Bay beach and Morte Point in background in North Devon
Hang gliding gives you incredible views of Devon's sandy beaches

Surfing, paddleboarding, or kayaking

If you were looking for things to do in Woolacombe, it is impossible that water activities haven't crossed your mind.

In the vicinity of the beaches, there are some rental services for kayaks or small boats. These are perfect if you are travelling as a couple or your children are older, as they can rent some and sail the waters of Woolacombe.

In Surf Village, part of Woolacombe Bay, we offer surfing kit rental with all our luxury lodges, so if you want to ride the waves, just let us know and we will prepare the kits for all family members. There are also trained instructors to help you in case it is your first time. So whether you're a seasoned pro or having your first go, for the best advice make sure you check out our Woolacombe surfing holidays guide

Children with surfing instructor on Woolacombe Sands beach in Devon
Surfing lessons on Woolacombe Sands beach

Watching a sunset on the Barricane Beach

This beach is a fan-favourite of all the people who come to vacation in Woolacombe Bay. Barricane Beach feels like a hidden spot as it sits in between the rocks on the beach. In the summer season when many tourists come, there are some cafés and bars that are open so you can eat something in them and have a full view of the beach.

Barricane Beach is located just half a mile from the main beach of Woolacombe, so with a short walk, you can reach a unique place in the area, away from the other more crowded beaches.

The only disadvantage of this beach is that it does not have lifeguards, so we recommend that you do not go deep into the water, especially if you do not know how to swim. For that very reason, it is a great beach to go to and admire the view from the sand.

If you check the sunset time carefully, you will be able to see a unique landscape that you will not find on any North Devon beach. The same happens with sunrise, although in that case, we recommend that you wear a coat since it is colder.

Just because Barricane beach is a quieter beach, it is a great spot for a bit of rock pooling. If you have never done it before, rock pooling is a traditional summertime seaside activity where you explore the underwater world in a shallow pool of seawater that forms in between rocks and is filled during high tides.

Children rockpooling at Barricane Beach in North Devon
Rockpooling is a hours of family fun with lots of new discoveries

Playing golf with a spectacular Devon sea view

The fun never ends at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks, as we have activities for adults, for children, and for the family to do together. Our golf course is known throughout the country, and we also have family sports days available throughout the year for the family to get their competitive side.

Apart from that, you can find everything you need for a fun day at the beach. You can grab a ball to play football all day long, you can go sea fishing, or have your own sandcastle building competitions among the family members (you can face other families too!).

Family golf course at Mortehoe & Woolacombe Golf Club in Devon
Mortehoe & Woolacombe Golf Club at Easewell Farm

Read our North Devon Beach Guide for even more inspiration!

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