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Tide times for Woolacombe Beach

Tide times are a huge player when it comes to planning a brilliant beach day. If you’re staying in Woolacombe Bay, it’s important to know and understand the tide times so you’re not caught short when you turn up to the beach and there’s no beach left! 

We’ve got all the information you need to understand how tide times can affect your holiday, as well as offering some ideas for activities that can be enjoyed during both high and low tide.

Understanding tide times

It’s important to understand what tide times really mean. Tide times are the schedule of high and low tides that ebb and flow over the course of a day. These tide times are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun, creating a rhythmic rise and fall of the sea levels. 

Knowing the tide times is essential for various beach activities such as swimming, surfing and rockpooling. It helps to not only ensure your safety but also to maximise your enjoyment!

family of four holding fishing nets pooling in the rocks on the sands at high tide at Woolacombe Beach in North Devon
Rockpooling on Woolacombe Beach

When is hide tide in Woolacombe?

Tide times change continuously over the course of the year, and are pretty hard to estimate. So don’t chance it! Check out a tide times tracker to make sure you’re not caught out before your beach trip.

picture of the tide in high at Combesgate Beach in North Devon, a small amount of sand is showing but beach is surrounded by high cliffs with houses on them
High tide at Combesgate Beach

Things to do at high tide in Woolacombe

High tide can often be seen as a negative. When there’s no beach left to explore, high tide can feel like the annoying part of the day where you’re waiting for the tide to go back out.

During high tide at Woolacombe, take a walk along the South West Coastal Path and explore the little villages in the area. Walk south towards the cool village of Croyde, which is very popular with the local surfing community. On your way back, take a look out at Baggy Point and you may spot seals or even dolphins if you’re lucky.

If you head north, you’ll find yourself at Mortehoe, a tiny village with a rich history of smuggling, with Morte Point’s rugged coastline making it the perfect secret cove for pirates. Stop by for a drink at one of its quaint pubs before heading back to Woolacombe to enjoy low tide.

family of four wearing beach t-shirts and shorts running down the dunes at Woolacombe Beach toward the sea at high tide
High tide at Woolacombe Beach

When is low tide in Woolacombe?

Just like high tide, it’s hard to predict when it will be low tide at Woolacombe without a tide times tracker. As the time for low tide changes throughout the course of the year, it’s best to have a look when planning your day.

view of the enormous length and breadth of Woolacombe Sands beach in North Devon at low tide
Low tide at Woolacombe Beach

Things to do at low tide in Woolacombe

During low tide, there are lots of fun activities that you can do on the beach. Rock pooling is a perfect low tide activity and Barricane Beach is a great spot to find some hidden treasures. Located next to Woolacombe Beach, this cove has plenty of rock pools to explore, as well as great sea glass that reveals itself once the tide comes out. 

When you’re going from low tide to high tide, get in the water and do some surfing as it’s the perfect condition to enjoy big waves. Make sure to keep an eye on the tide times and local surf reports to determine the best time for your surfing session. 

Slack tide - the small time frame 30 minutes or so before high or low water - is a great time to go swimming as the water is completely unstressed. Be mindful of any rip currents or safety warnings before you set out.

mother in beach dress holding hand of young son in a green t-shirt as he paddles on the beach in Woolacombe with the village and green dunes behind, as his sister and father run around in the background
Woolacombe has a lot of beach at low tide

Where to find accurate tide times for Woolacombe

There are many different places you can find reliable tide times for Woolacombe:

  • If you’re looking for a quick answer, check out Surfline for a great tide times breakdown.
  • For serial tide checkers, the Surfline app is a great place to easily check the tide times over the course of the day.
  • Alternatively, if you’re too lazy to do those things, many of the businesses around Woolacombe put up displays showing the tide times for the day so you’re likely to see them when you’re out and about.


However you find your tide times, make sure you use them to plan your perfect beach day during your North Devon holiday. And take a look at our welcoming family-friendly holiday parks for the perfect accommodation within easy walking distance of Woolacombe Bay.

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